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AMERICAN PEDAL CAR pedal powered and ride on toys are safety tested to comply with-all Child Safety Regulations. 

As always, with all children's pedal powered and ride-on-toys adult supervision is a  must.
Here are 5 basic rules for Pedal Car Safety which we believe will add to your child's enjoyment and safety.

1. Pedal cars have no brakes - Because most pedal cars have no brakes and because the cars are propelled and slowed by the direct action of the child's legs, Pedal Cars should be used only on hard flat surfaces. The cars should be kept away from hills, sloped driveways, boat ramps and swimming pools, ponds or any open water where a child could accidentally fall into.
2. Pedal cars are very low to the ground - Because pedal cars are low to the ground, you should be aware that adult automobile drivers may have difficulty seeing you youngster. Be sure to provide supervision around driveways where backing automobile drivers have limited visibility. Also, it is a good idea to make adult drivers in your neighborhood aware that youngsters with pedal cars may be present.
3. Pedal Cars are propelled and also slowed by the direct action and force of the child's legs -  Don't allow children to push the car while another child is in the car. Keep in mind that because the cars are direct drive, the faster the car is moving, the faster the child's legs must move to keep up with the pedals.
4. Pedal Cars have exposed pedal mechanisms (inside the car's body) - Don't allow your child to wear loose clothing while operating the Pedal Car. Loose clothing can become tangled in the pedal mechanism much like loose clothing can get caught in bicycle's chain. Especially avoid loose scarves that could pose a choking hazard.
5. Pedal Cars have no floorboards (open bottom) - Because Pedal Cars have an open underbody, make sure that your youngster always wears shoes.
We sincerely believe that by applying these 5 simple rules a safe, happy and memorable time for your child will be something they will carry throughout their life.

Now, lets have fun while creating some cherished memories with our children.

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